Saturday, October 26, 2013


Made two new silhouettes for my art journaling stencils I am happy with them :) 

Circus Girl

I drew a quick 5min sketch of circus girl makeup~ it was fun to draw :3

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Ink spray and blue sharpie used on canvas.

Book Binding Art

Used metallic sharpie on this one, thought it looked awesome xD 

Bump in the night

In honor of Halloween I drew this creepy guy!
Inspired by this blanket on our window in the bedroom and my hair getting in my eyes. haha.

Studio Nya - A Web Comic

I started my own web comic! I will be doing it in mostly Traditional mediums. Come check it out! =3
Maybe leave a comment or two. :3
-All art on comic by Aikacooncat.

Studio Artist AJ

 This is my dream as a artist and I am going to try my hardest to reach my goal.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Bookmark

Just a quickly made bookmark for my classes.

Feather AJ Page

So for starters "AJ" stands for Art Journal and in this page I cut out one of my old wedding invites into a feather and ink sprayed around it then glued in the other side of the invite all on scrapbook paper.
Simple but pretty~

Mysterious Soul

Made a heart stencil with card stock paper and sprayed around it with purple ink spray, the writing is just purple colored pencil.

Kanji in My Journal

When I draw in my journal or just doodling, I like to put japanese kanji in it to spice up the look a bit. This kanji means "Sorrow Lonely". Which is how I felt at the time of drawing this. When you are sad it helps to draw and journal to make yourself feel better.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sycke Commission

I got a commission from this girl on Instagram for her fursona named Sycke.  This was how it turned out. I really liked her markings and it was a wolf so I had fun drawing this one. ^^

Welcome! I think?

Hello, Well my real name is Serena but I am known as Aika. Right now I am working as a freelance artist working on getting into art college at Stout. Currently I am going to CVTC for IT:P/A and it's just not what I am looking for.

I am starting this blog to share will you all my artistic skills and current projects along with; art journal pages, sketches, WIPs, and some other odds and ends in my artwork.