Thursday, July 30, 2015

WIP: Mermaid Tail.

So tonight I finished half of the mermaid tail I am making as a cosplay project.

Here are some shots I took as I went along!

Still have to do part of the back of the fun and go over it all again before it will be ready for the next step!

using this tutorial as a reference.

Pocket Letter: Ana (2)

My 2nd exchange with my new friend Ana on

Outgoing mail:

I love swapping letters with my Penpals.
-Aika :3

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kimeru: New Shorts

Designed some shorts for my cat Kimeru.
The patches I got at Hot Topic from the anime Sailor Moon, Artimist and Luna.

Bought baby shorts at Savers in town to modify to fit her.

Soon to be stickers!

Pocket Letter: Back to School

For a theme swap with Morgansmum on

Thanks for swapping!

ATC: #93 Freedom Blowing

Up for trade.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cross Tattoo

Alyssa came to me and wanted to commission a tattoo from me!
I am so honored!

Just a little cross on her hand. 


love you Alyssa !

Monday, July 27, 2015

Kimeru: Character Design

Yesterday Andrew and I decided to pick up my friend Ashley and head to the cities to go to the mall of America.

There we went to a few shops and I got a few stickers for my art journal.
Then at 6:15pm we went to build a bear workshop where I made this little kitty who I named Kimeru.

I decided I am going to make her into a whole new character design for myself and keep her as a purple tabby female who loves fashion designing.

Her pony scarf was made by me and I pierced her ears.

Not sure if I'm going to keep the cheap dolly hair or change it to soft fur yet. We will see.

Check back for more updates on what I do with her!••


Sunday, July 26, 2015

ATC: #92

Collage card
Traded to Raven on

Thanks for looking.

Canvas Painting: Beckoning Cat

The Japanese Beckoning Cat on canvas.
Used acrylic paints and a metal clasp for the collar.

This is going up for sale. :)

Thanks for looking!

Sketch: Poppet Girl

Little sketching done before bed of my pretty Aika.
-Serena ;3

Saturday, July 25, 2015

++NoBrandCon Ad++

I was asked to draw the ad for NoBrandCon that is going to be in the 2015 Furry Migration con book this year!

For those of you that don't know I am webmaster and publications for NoBrandCon.
I am really excited to see this after printing! I will write another post about it after the con.!
I will be attending Furry Migration this year on August 27th-30th.
Hope to see some of you there! ^-^

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Tattoo!

Tonight I got inspired to do my 2nd tattoo. As some of you may remember I made my first tattoo myself.

Well I made this one too and I think it looks a lot better then my first try.

Here is the finished work all bandaged up. :)

After the first hour:

I really like this one!! It's a keeper! ;3

Art Journal: Roots

Zest and I went to the park yesterday afternoon when I was upset about something I saw at Walmart earlier that day.

Here is what I drew for stress relief.

What happened at Walmart was this boy about 8-years-old being cruel to who I'm guessing was his little sister about age 4.
He was throwing her around and kicked her. I told him he shouldn't do that and he replied "then she should listen to me." And he didn't stop so I got management. 

I just hope that little girl is safe at home.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hand Made Jewelry [T1D Alert Necklace]

I made two new wearable things today.

First is the wire braided cotton wrapped bracelet.

Second is my favorite so far. My own chocker collar with medical awareness on it! I took the medical sign off an old keychain and poked a hole though it with a thumb tack. Used a paw print clasp and I love it to bits!

Close up!

Thanks for looking!••


ATCs: #89 , #90 , #91

Up for trade

Up for trade

Traded to Erica Roberts

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Art Journal: UWEC

In honor of myself starting college this September I made an art journal page in a 11"x14" Strathmore sketchbook.

I am so excited to get into classes!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pocket Letter: Grandma

Another letter to my grandma! <3

Thanks for looking!

ATC: 88


ATCs fit perfect in pocket letters! I love adding them to my letters as a little something special from me.

Thanks for looking!

Diabetic Project

Hello everyone!
As most of you may know by now I am a type 1 diabetic since I was 2-years-old.
I got my first insulin pump when I started first grade and had to get off it about 2 years ago because my insurance wouldn't cover my supplies anymore.

Well a month ago I got new insurance that is allowing me to get back on my pump and off shots! (yay!)

In order to do this I have to keep a food log and really good track of my blood sugars in order to prove I can handle a pump again.

Now I am really bad at writing all this info down all day long. As it involves taking the paperwork with me everywhere, like work, out with friends, soon to be college. EVERYWHERE.

So I decided to make it a project for me then I will like to do this so I can make it pretty and fun to do!

I will need to keep track of:
  • blood sugars
  • food intake
  • insulin amounts
To do this I set up a folder to hold all my paperwork to recorded these things when they happen.

Here is to better A1Cs, Weight, Cholesterol, and all together better health!


P.S. I will be labeling these posts under the "T1D" tag.

Commission: Lari

This was a special commission my friend hired me to draw her a fursona.

She wanted a cow crossed with Pegasus. Colored purple and blue with artist freedom.
Character design by Serena Aika Pruess
Owned by Nicole Martell.

Hope you love it as much as I do girl! <3

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mini Canvas

My best friend Ashley gave me little little canvas and a stand for it on my birthday and I made it into this little painting today. :3

Thanks for looking!

Pocket Letters: Ana

Ana's pocket letter I made.
Theme was kind of a cute anime nerd style. And a bit about me.

Ana is Banana_pls on

Thanks for swapping with me Ana!

Pocket Letters: Ashley

My swap I did with Ashley aka 08Cakers.

She wanted something cute, I hope she liked it!

Last Nights Sketch and Amazing News!

Andrew and I went over to our friend Bob's house last night and watched YouTube videos.
While doing so I drew this.

I wasn't originally going to post it but I really like how it came out. So here ya go!

Also.. I am officially an art student at UWEC!!

Can't want to start classes this fall!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pocket Letters: Alyssa

A letter to my good friend Alyssa. I hope she likes it when it gets to her! ^-^
This is my 2nd letter I've made like this~.

In this letter I included a little info on what pocket letters are, a tattoo from the college we are going to be going to together in the fall, a Artist trading card, and a old Rolodex card I designed with a tractor on it. Since she loves farm things. :)
out going mail:

ATCs: #85 , #86 , #87

Traded to Jemme on
Traded to Deb Simmons


My first Pocket Letter page!

My first pocket letter page I made is going to my grandma in a trade!

I added a picture from our old apartment, a charm my boyfriend gave me from Japan that I thought matched really well, and a couple ATCs I included.
Also wrote a note to her about when she came to visit us today. :)
I want to make more of these so keep an eye open for postings about trading!

ATC: #84

Make with little butterfly on a paint sample from Wal-Mart with washi tape. Cute and sample. I really like it.

Traded to PinkTiger on


Zest's Birthday Card [Mini Comic]

For my boyfriend's birthday I made him a little comic card with his character in it.
Here it is..

I really love how it came out and he loved it too which is what really matters!
Thanks for looking!

Plush: Monster

I wanted to make a plushy so I designed a little monster plush pattern.

here are the steps I took:

First made a paper pattern...
Then I picked my fabric out;
and Cut out the pattern...

sewed up the pattern and made some button eyes...

Decided to cut off the arms while sewing..

TaDa! :)

Thanks for looking! ^-^