Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve | Last Post Of 2013

Thank you all so much for the support in 2013 and I hope this next year brings more wonderful memories and is much better then 2013!

:) Make the best of what you have.

Happy New Year 2014!

-Serena "Aika" Pruess

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flower Monster Girl

I was inspired by a elf girl picture to draw this monster girl, how a elf made me think of a flower I have no idea lol.

Friday, December 27, 2013

OMG -- Fangirling All OVER!

Ok, you guys. You. Guys.!!

I got this commission from this amazing artist named OnYourGoat from menewsha.com.. right here v

And. It. Is. AMAZING!!

I just CAN'T take the cuteness of this art of Aika!!
I had to share it with you! This is so getting turned into a badge! Yes!

Thank you soo much OnYourGoat!!

-Serena Pruess (AikaCC)

Mail Time: 12/27

Today I have felt both inspired and uninspired. 
Like I want to make something epic but I don't know what.

Then my husband came in with the mail and handed me a letter.
I opened it and here is what I got:

It was from Vampiress Rose on ATCsForAll. 

I feel so inspired right now to make something amazing! I will keep you all updated and thanks so much for the lovely card and papers Rose!

-Serena Pruess

Free Hugs - Custom Tee-shirt

I made this design with Paint Tool SAI and got it put on this cotton tee-shirt.
I thought I would show it to you all.
It is kind of old as I made this in July but I love it so much!

Thanks for viewing!
-Serena Pruess (AikaCC)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Love you..

I don't think I can tell you guys how much I LOVE this picture!!
-3- really.

Card 36

I didn't really know where this was going when I made it. Lol enjoy!

So happy with my new backs I made!!

Art Journal: Da Boom

Just wanted to glue some stuff. This is what happened.
Not sure if I like it or not. :/

-Serena R Pruess

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!
Today I had a nice family get together and had a very nice time.

Here is the page I made for today...

We also had some fun drawing on my husband ~ hehe

We had a very nice time today, this was the first real family Christmas I have had in years. So happy.
I hope everyone had a magical holiday and I would love to see some of your holiday craft pictures. Feel free to post links in the comments below and I will check them out!

Peace out and merry Christmas!! :3
-Serena R Pruess

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Documented Life Project

I will be doing the documented life project in 2014.
I have got my planner all preept and ready to journal in!
I can not tell you all just how much I am looking forward to digging into this art journaling adventure!
(And yes I did make the cover myself.)

I will be posting updates on this journal all though 2014 to keep your eyes piled.
And as of right now it is Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has a great Holiday tomorrow and enjoy this season.
Merry Christmas,
      -Serena Pruess

Love to ride

Playing around in my My Little Pony sketchbook.
I have fun with this as the base of the ponies are already made you just customize them. (:

This is Fate.

She's not much but I love her tail.
and now..
I was quoted. lol

Cards 34 and 35

34:So Fly.
Up for trade!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Art Journal: paint blob

When I was over at my mother-in-laws house yesterday I was painting with her and was just throwing the colors together.
She said me if I was painting a bird, I wasn't at first but the more I looked at it the more it looked like a bird. So I ended up drawing some little details on it to make it into a bird and wala!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sketchbook page1

I am getting so close to finishing my sketchbook I started in August 2013.
Here is just one of my pages I finished today.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cards 32 and 33

32: casino, traded to: cdraz/ceedee
33: art room, Traded to Tah0027

Card 31: Uncle

Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures
Traded on a MMH thread.

Card number 30

Time: Traded! - 9.28.2014

I have been in a emotional funk lately and I'm sorry all I post is ATCs but it seems to be the only thing I can make right now. I can't even art journal.
So just bare with me for a little longer.

Thank you,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Card 29: Queen of Hearts

Traded to blueskysunburn on ATCsForAll.com

Artist trading cards

Card numbers 25, 26, and 27.
25 is a winter theme.: TRADED
26 is a butterfly.: TRADED
27 is a dog theme.: TRADED

Card number 28

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Card 20: Chirstmas

For the holiday season this year I made a ATC for trade for the Christmas spirit. :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Free Tag Template!

I made you all a Tag Template to use for art journaling, or anything you want to use a tag for.!
I posted the template on flickr.
You can find the image here: Click!
With instructions on what to do with it! Enjoy!

Also here is the headshot I promised to the 20th poster! Congrats Ling!

I would love to see the art you have been working on!
Post a link in the comments below of something you have been working on (or just finished) lately!
And your projects you made with this template!

Card 19

#19 was made for velcrodog on ATCsForAll.com

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Express Yourself

Doodling has always helped me with my emotions and let me just express myself; tonight was no different.
I have been really stressed out the past month so tonight I let some of it out on this wonderful creation inspired by Traci Bautista's work on her website. =3

Death Should Not Have Taken Thee

I made some Vocaloid fanart of the song Death Should Not Have Taken Thee. (Video at the buttom of post.)

I wanted to draw the twins just like the video shows them! Rin as "King" and Len being the disapproving "Hero". X3

I really like how this one came out! I might turn this one into a print and sell it. :)
Took me about one hour to draw and color.
Copic markers, fine liner pens, and roseart markers were used for this picture.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Art Journal: Travel

I made this page today based on travel and old paper.
The gold color is metallic. 

One day I want to travel to Japan and Hawaii. :) I think it would amazing to have some of my art in other countries. (:

also here is a little page I did today to get a feeling I was having out of my system: 

Real or Not?

I was watching Vsauce's YouTube video about "Is anything real?" and thinking, He is right. How do we know that we are really standing on the ground right now? That our mind is not just playing tricks on us?
We don't. BUT That is okay with me.

And I got to thinking, what if someone when I die finds this blog on the interest? What do I want them to get out of this?
Well I want to show all of the people, now and in the future, my art, thoughts, and creations as I saw them.

For now on I will be posting more writing in my posts. (At least I will try.)
I want you all to know what my art means to me and what I want you all to get from it.

So I hope you enjoy my art now and in the future. :)
-Serena "AikaCC" Pruess

Youtube video I speak of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L45Q1_psDqk

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary Honey!

In honor of my husband and I's one year anniversary since we first started dating I drew this cute picture of our fursona's with a winter scarf. :3

I love you my snow mew! <3

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Laminated Badge: Aika

Tonight I was working on making a large badge of my OC Aika.

-Sketched in pencil
-Lined in prismacolor fine lines
-colored with copics
-Star detail with gelly roll 08 white pen

I do make commissions for badges. (:

Before cuting:

After cutting and laminating:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Art Journaling Things

I was dabbling in a few new things the last couple days, I made this unique mixed media thing, not really sure what you would label this as.

I also drew this calm kitty.

and made a couple new labels for my journal pages. :)

I am really loving all things art more and more everyday.

Request: Koda

Kay Dakuu from menewsha.com wanted art of her OC Koda. Here you go~
Help me hatch my dragon? o3o please click!   Adopt one today!