Monday, April 18, 2016

No Brand Con 2016!

It's the day after the con, and that means time for a master post of some of the stuff I did this weekend!

I made this years PROGRAM GUIDE, check it out!

First of all with being on staff for a convention you are never really "off the clock". You work when you work. Most of the time that's the whole con minus a couple hours for food breaks and maybe a hour for shopping and a panel.

First picture I want to show you was the Furry panel that Zest, Josh and I put on for 3pm on Friday! Thanks to all the showed up to learn about the furry fandom!
And also at the furry panel:
Sunday I helped a volunteer with her cosplay (above and below) I drew all the runes on her skin. :)

And also on Sunday our lovely guest head for the con Maddie took a great picture of myself and Zest with three of our guest of honor.

Me Creepy Pasta, Ryan Reynolds, and Tiffany Grant. A great group of people! It was a honor to spend time with them.

All in all this year went pretty good. :) 
Thanks to all the staff and con goers for making it a great year!

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